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Banana Flip

BULLGOD Pro FingerBoards
35 €

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BANANA FLIP - The one who never stops, for those who never stop.
Gorillas start skating from a very young age. During youth, fierce Banana competitions take part among teenagers, but only those who Flip it are seen as leaders inside their group. It is widely known the riper the banana, the better it flips.

BullGod 2nd Edition Decks gather all the knowledge acquired in the development of the 1st Ed. Decks and bring to life the best shape crafted by the brand. Featuring exclusive new designs, BullGod is here to make the difference that fingerboarding needs.

Inside All Packages:
-Laguna Yellow Fingerboard
-100% Wood
-Increased Power
-Increased Pop & Control
-BullGod Tape
-BullGod Stickers
-More Extras

Complete Fingerboard includes even more: Trucks, Bearing Wheels, Spacers, Locknuts, Screws and Key

Stickers : every set caome with stickers !
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