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Godrila Fraise

BULLGOD Premium FingerBoards
45 €

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BULLGOD Premium FingerBoards
Godrila Fraise
Hand Made in Europe Premuim Finger Boards
32 mm
Premuim Trucks : they turn like a real skateboard, locknuts make them as loose or tight as your desire and do not requiere spacers, you'll notice a huge difference in how you perform and ride.
Bullgod Slims : fast and stable wheels for all around use. Bullgod Slims are hard slidy, making them easy to flip and fun to ride.
LockNuts : these nuts have on the inside, so you can decide how to use your trucks for your own personal taste. also, forget about lost nuts !
Thin Tape : extra grippy out of the package ! no need to use it before it starts suiting your fingers. (X2 Tapes)
Tools & Blots : the final parts to assemble your new acquisition. this is a proffessional Premuinm it's your mission to put everything together !
Extrem Pop & Control : has been Bullgod's mission since day 1 . your new Premium Fingerboard fles and reaches new heights with every trick you make. enjoy wood's maximum potential, and have fun !
Stickers : every set caome with stickers !
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